• falling asleep on someone’s chest
  • wrapping your arms around each other
  • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
  • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
  • forehead kissies and murmured affections
  • naps


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i am seventeen pounds lighter
yet a thousand and three pounds sits upon
the shoulders
you used to rest your head upon
oh you’re no good for me,
but funny how the body adjusts
when your mind doesn’t want to stay alive

"As much as I let something go,
it never really leaves me.
I want to believe I’m moving on
but I found myself sitting in the
shower again thinking that I
I can wash my hands thirty
times a day and still find dirt
under my fingernails."

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dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 

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Some Information on the Highly Sensitive Person


Roughly 20% of the population struggle with high sensitivity. Typical traits include the following:

1. As students, they work differently from other people. They often pick up on subtleties and may think deeply about a subject before sharing in a discussion or…


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The Cycle of Eating Disordery


I have told myself for years that I didn’t have an eating disorder because it wasn’t easily defined by the terms of anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. After research, and realizing that my eating/non-eating habits cause actual physical and psychological harm and torment to me, I realized I do. I have read recently that not everyone who identifies as having an eating disorder exclusively starves, exclusively purges, or exclusively binges. It’s still a problem and a disorder

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